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Flashing Lights, Clicking Ice Door
• Continuously flashing, blinking front panel display lights
• Ice door flapping, clicking, opening and closing continuously
• Lack of responsiveness to any button on the door
• No ice or water dispenses

Optional Symptoms
• Lights may only flash when compressor runs
• Compressor may not run at all (fridge does not stay cold anymore)

This unit has two control boards. 

  1. This is probably not the problem. Behind the touch panel on the door is "Refrigerator Dispenser Control Board", p/n 67006294, substitution 67006294R. Sears Parts Direct $60, Amazon refurbished starts at $80

  1. ICE20 High Voltage board,
    BEWARE: There are 3 different HV Control Boards for this mode which vary based on serial number. The first board is p/n 67006389 substitution 12920710. Sears Parts Direct $266.24.Prices on Amazon start at $210.   For serial numbers starting with "12", use substitution p/n W10310240.  Serial numbers starting with "13" have yet another board.

Repair The following suggestion of repairing the capacitors will (maybe) work only if the capacitors are visibly bursting. Otherwise, something else is wrong with the DC power supply on the board.

Maytag Ice2O French Door Refrigerator/Freezer Model

HV Control Board repair instruction guide