KitchenAid Garbage Disposal 
Model: KCDB250G

This was the model that the builder put in my new home in 2007. By 2010 it was leaking a little. By 2012 it was totally rusted out and making a mess inside the cabinet. That’s when I replaced it with this beast — Waste King Garbage Disposer Disposal. I was a little reluctant to buy this Chinese made unit on Amazon. The price was awesome — $68.49 with free 2-day shipping (Amazon Prime). I was an easy install and it’s been running flawlessly for 2 years. The Waste King L-2600 puts the Kitchenaid to shame. It literally rocks the house but in a good way.

Document: Use and Care Guide and Installation Guide
Download PDF Document "KitchenAidDisposalKCDB250G-InstallationGuide.pdf"

Document: Dimension Guide