Part Replacement -
July 2014 - I can't start the dishwasher. The Start button on the control panel is non-responsive. Other control panel lights/switches work OK.

"Control Panel" aka "Pack Control" is the pressure sensitive keypad on the top of the door.
"Control Board" is the printed circuit logic board. (computer)

Control Panel
Part Number 99003139 "Panel, Control (BLK)" as seen in original parts list

Model: JDB1100AWS
Manufactured by Maytag/Whirlpool

Pack control, PART NUMBER: 99003139 , Substitution: 6-919765 Sears Price $153; Virginia Supply via Amazon $140 free ship. BAFilterSupply, Ohio $110 + 8 ship. Olivers Outlet $95 + 15 ship.

Control Board
NUMBER: 99002977 / Substitution: 12002710 Sears Price $114

Use and Care Guide 6-920374
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